Our insane adventure together with you!

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Our insane adventure together with you!

Shipping to 28(!) countries now! What an insane year it has been!

What an amazing year it has been. We could have never imagined growing like we did the past year. We know it sounds cliché but we are so incredibly thankful to everyone supporting us. Every single order, big or small, has made a difference. We are just a tiny company but now offering more than 500 different products IN STOCK! And that is 100% because of our customers.

It wasn't all great, the first time we took pre-orders (for the 25 Year Anniversary Celebrations set) was a huge dissapointment. We got let down by our suppliers and received a tiny amount of products ordered. This in turn put us in the position of having to dissapoint a lot of customers, especially for the Ultra Premium Collection Box. I am sure we have lost many potential customers in this process and that is totally our fault for taking too much pre-orders. Lessons learned and if we ever offer pre-orders again we will be very cautious with the amount offered.

Beside this negative period overall it was a very positive year. A lot of new collectors & small businesses all across Europe have found us. Lots of new relationships established. Our happiest moments are when we read another review on Trustpilot or just receive an email saying how happy people are with how our service. Really makes our day every time!

We have had almost no packages lost all year! This still amazes us as we ship to so many countries (28 now!) and packages get transferred between shipping companies often. When packages do end up getting delivered too late people are generally very understanding and we are very much appreciative of that. They understand it's the post company just being extremely busy and we really can't do much about it either.

If you read this far, thank you for your time :). Hope you enjoy your time on our site, wether you buy something or are just window shopping! Have a very nice day! 

Arie & Veronika


  1. Steven Steven

    Just found your site and was excited to see availability of Sun and Moon era Booster packs. Filled a cart but then saw no shipping to United States yet. Let me know when you add us to your "Ship to" locations. Thanks and wish you a lot of luck

  2. Maurits Maurits

    (I'm Dutch but I'll write my comment in English so everyone will be able to understand it)
    Thanks so much for starting your amazing business with so many different new & old Pokemon products, your website has become one of my favs of all time to order off (the exclusive products/deals blew my mind when I discovered it!)!
    I'm also very glad to be able to support your business with my orders. Your wide range of products is just amazing and your customer service is of the 5-star category. Especially during this annoying pandemic I think its important to support a company like yours who is actually passionate about their TCG products and who actually give a **** about making the customer/collector happy with a fair price or a fun product and not just cares about making 5x more on the retail price that most suppliers do these days.
    Thank you again for handling all my orders/questions with passion and care, I'm looking forward to what the website brings us collectors in the coming years cause I will 100% be sticking around for it!

    Happy holidays to you both Arie & Veronika <3 :)


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