Rarity Box (Pokemon)

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WARNING: We CANNOT guarantee profit. You could lose money on these boxes. Investing is never without risk! Please only invest with money you can spare.

For years and years we have been watching the sealed Pokemon TCG market on a daily basis. We have been paying attention to price developments, supply & demand, macro economic & popularity/hype influences. With all this knowledge, combined with our love for Pokemon sealed products, we have decided to offer 3 different type of boxes:


  • Investment Box

    Our Investment Box is meant to hold at least 9-12 months (the longer the better of course). We will fill this box with sealed products that have a great chance to increase in value and the smallest possible chance of decreasing in value. A € 1000 box could be 50 different products, 500 of the same product or just 1 product. We will fill the box with in our opinion the best possible products for investing purposes. We will analyze the current market with all the information we have from suppliers/global/local/online economies to maximize profitability. Again, we CANNOT guarantee profit as we CANNOT predict the market! We use our experience and knowledge to make the best possible educated guess on which items will increase in value.

  • Rarity Box

    This box will be filled with items that are rare on the European market. The supply is low for whatever reason (age, low print runs, only released in the USA, most have been opened etc). If you like rare sealed items this is your box!


  • Beauty Box

    Sometimes you cannot capture the beauty of a product with a picture. You have to see/hold them in real life. In this Beauty Box you will only find the most esthetically pleasing items we have ever seen. Of course tastes differ; what we find beautiful you might find boring or ugly! Beware!

What can these boxes contain?

All of these boxes will contain official sealed Pokemon TCG items. Booster boxes, elite trainer boxes, collection boxes, booster packs, blister packs, sleeved boosters, tins or any other sealed item. Most of these will be English, a small percentage is Japanese. If you do not want Japanese, please let us know in the notes of your order.

How can I get the best possible box?

The best way to secure the best possible box is to buy for a higher amount. There might be a 400 euro box that we consider the best possible investment/most beautiful at the moment, if you would buy for 500 or more we would include this box of course. If you would buy for 300 euro we can't!

You can combine/add multiples to make 1 big box. For example if you buy two boxes of 499,95 euro you will get 1 huge 1000 euro box!

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